12 Similar games Like a Gacha Life 2

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Gacha Life 2 is a Role-playing game by Lunime. In this game, you can customize your characters in many ways. This game is released for both Android and iOS devices.

Here are some games that are similar to Gacha Life 2, where you can create and customize your own anime-style characters and enjoy various interactions:

  1. Gacha Club: This game is like the evolution of Gacha Life, offering even more character customization options. You can also create scenes and animations in studio mode and interact with other players’ characters in life mode.
  2. Gachaverse: A spin-off of Gacha Life with a different art style and a focus on action gameplay. You can battle enemies and collect new characters and gear as you progress.
  3. Chibi Doll: A simple yet enjoyable character creator game that lets you make your own chibi-style characters and dress them up with a range of clothing, accessories, and hairstyles.
  4. Anime Avatar Maker: A powerful character creator where you can craft highly detailed anime-style characters. Customize everything from body type and skin color to clothing and accessories.
  5. Avatar Maker: Another popular character creator offering extensive customization options. You can create and share your characters with other players.
  6. Chara Maker: This retro-style character creator game allows you to make characters in various styles, including anime, chibi, and pixel art.
  7. Picrew: A Japanese website known for its high-quality artwork and diverse customization options, offering a variety of character creator tools.
  8. Pixel Chibi Maker: Create your own pixel art chibi-style characters in this simple and enjoyable character creator game.
  9. Live2D: A software program that lets you create and animate 2D characters, commonly used for crafting anime-style characters in games and videos.
  10. Vroid Studio: This free software enables you to create and customize 3D anime-style characters. These characters can be used in games, videos, and other media.
  11. VRoid Hub: A website where users can share their Vroid Studio creations with others, allowing a community to form around the characters.
  12. Zepeto: A social media app where you can create and customize your own 3D avatars. These avatars are not only for chatting with friends but also for playing games and creating content.

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All of these games provide experiences similar to Gacha 2, allowing players to unleash their creativity and engage with their customized characters in various ways. Some even offer additional features like storytelling and multiplayer interactions.


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