Gacha Life 2 Fashion Contest

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Gacha Life is a role-playing game. which is developed by the Lunime. Gacha Life 2 is going to be released in October month of  2023. Recently Gacha Life developer started a fashion contest for the players. Every player needs to submit a character image which is created by the player. The winner of this contest is declared when Gacha Life 2 is released.

How to Join the Gacha Life 2 Contest:

  1. To join the Gacha Life 2 contest you need to draw any unique clothes, hair, accessories, weapons, anything for Gacha Life 2.
  2. Please use the character template to draw your entries. If you have questions, use our Discord server to ask which link is given below.
  3. In this contest, you may submit up to 5 entries. Please note that we may only select parts of your entry to be in-game.
  4. While submitting your character please write your name.

Gacha Life 2 Contest Rules:

  •  You can Credit your entry when you are posting your submission.
  • No one is allowed when the game is released.
  • You can only shade the eyes of the character.
  • Do not trace, steal or recolor other people’s submission. Submit a unique character.
  • Submissions must be completely new and drawn.
  • Don’t make over-detailed submissions.
  • You cannot repost your entries unless you change it.
  • Don’t draw existing items already in previous games
  • You must use the template to the right.

Deadline of Submission of Character:

Deadline exact date is not confirmed but you can submit your entry till the Gacha Life 2 game is released. So submit your entry best from others to win the contest. Also check: What is New in Gacha life 2.

Samples of Gacha Life 2 Contest:

You can check the sample of the Gacha Life 2 contest which is submitted by the other players. If you want to submit your submission then submit the same as which is given below.

So if you like an above-given sample of character which is submitted by the other players then you can also submit your own character to win the contest. If you have any question regarding this article then contact us. I will try to help you as soon as possible. If you like our article then share it with your friends I hope your friends will also like our article.


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