What’s new in Gacha Life 2

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Gacha Life 2 is a role-playing game developed and published by Lunime games. It is released for Android, iOS and Windows Operating systems. I already explained in my last article why Lunime released Gacha Life 2 instead of upgrading the old Gacha Life game. There are lots of new features are added to Gacha Life 2 game. You can know what is newly added in Gacha Life 2 game below.

What’s new in Gacha Life 2

You can check out what’s new in the Gacha Life 2 game below.

Pets – You can now change the color of pets and make them talk.
Mounts – Easily put your character on a horse, car, etc.
Hands – You can now change your hand gesture!
Battle mode – Gacha for characters and level up!
More customization ways – change your 2nd glove/sleeve/pantleg/sock! And equip an extra hat/accessory!
10 Characters in a scene + 50 total character slots

These are things or features that are added in Gacha Life 2 game for both Android and iOS Operating systems. Currently, We don’t know to whatever Gacha Life 2 will free or paid so these features can available to paid users.

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